Our Platform

Our Platform

Renewable sources of energy are undoubtedly the most important aspect for the survival of mankind so as to utilize all benefits of technology such as automobiles, machines and other household appliances in the future. As per the status quo, the batteries in use are mostly based on graphite anode and cobalt-oxide cathode. Use of cobalt-oxide makes the batteries toxic and thereby causing a major problem for their disposal, in addition to the high costs that they bear. Alternate technological methodologies that produce safer batteries at optimized costs are under development and are likely to hit the market very soon.

Center of Excellence

On a global scale, INDIA stands third in terms of the use of Lithium-ion batteries for the applications ranging from directly energy backups to indirect usage in electronic goods and is only behind China and USA. However, the overall consumption of lithium-ion battery India requires indigenously developed high energy and high power density lithium-ion batteries for automotive, solar, electronic applications et al. Thus,Our Platform for Li-ion batteries has been primarily developed to:

Create awareness

about Li-ion battery industry, green manufacturing and academic researchers to build a network of experts and aspirants.


economically viable high power electrodes suitable for various applications including military, space and consumer electronics in the Indian environmental conditions.


seminars, conferences, workshops and webinars to share and expand our knowledge around the Li-ion battery value chain.


entrepreneurs and investors via a single technological platform by acting as a universal forum.

Build up

a center for lithium-ion battery & connect facilities (prototype model), experts and intellectual knowledge for collaborative progress to make India self-resilience in energy storage.


the commercial aspects of the Lithium-ion batteries in India by providing a comprehensive database from raw material suppliers to end users.

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